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Why Self Insurance?

Ownership and Dividends

KMIT is owned by its member municipalities. The members have a direct voice in KMIT management. Each of the seven Trustees on the Board is a manager or elected official of one of the member municipal entities. Because the members own the Trust, they retain investment income and surpluses, which may be returned to the members with the State's approval.

Risk Management and Loss Prevention

KMIT members have access to professional risk improvement services to increase their level of workplace safety. KMIT has engaged East Coast Risk Management, to help our members achieve compliance with the Commonwealth's Accident and Illness Prevention Program elements. We also provide on-site consultations, risk assessment scoring, and training on relevant safety topics.

Claims Management

KMIT members enjoy the benefits of Inservco's comprehensive claims management. The online first notice of loss starts the professional management of each claim, letting members be active partners in the resolution of each claim and returning an injured employee to work as soon as possible.

Professional Management

KMIT utilizes outstanding professionals to assist in the management of your Trust.  Inservco Insurance Services-Claims Management, Thomas, Thomas & Hafer LLP - Legal Representation, Conrad Siegel Actuaries-Actuarial Services, Hamilton & Musser, PC-Financial Audit, East Coast Risk Management, and The Kilmer Group-Administrator.  


KMIT purchases reinsurance coverage to protect the groups surplus against catastrophic loss. KMIT reports to, and functions within the oversight of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Workers Compensation.

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